•   Gladice team does wonderful job on brazilian blow outs.  Noy and gladice are great and Regina does great work. My frizz is gone i love my brazilian straighten hair now. They have free coffee n cookies.

    thumb Lisa W.
  •   Gladys there's a reason multiple people have commented on your poor phone skills. It's not professional at all to have a tantrum and insult people over the phone because you blindside them with your costs. People want honesty and for business owners to be up front. Your fine print explains $45 in fees for every 5in past the shoulders. But that's not what you explain on the phone after we've already purchased the Groupon. You're essentially charging $90 for every 5in. So yes you are deceiving people into purchasing your product. It's rude to say that someone is cheap and couldn't afford you otherwise, when really it's just sticker shock since you weren't up front in the Groupon. It's a matter of principle. Be honest with your clients from the get go. List all the extra fees so there is no room for misunderstanding. The only reason business owners ever hide fees is to scam.

    And as for my picture it's 6 months old and I've had the lighter hair and dead ends cut off so I was being honest with you. I'm in the process of growing my hair out and have had more success when my hair is straight, hence the reason for getting the blowout.

    If anyone else has gotten the Groupon and was misled by the fees, Groupon will work with you. It won't be the first complaint they've received about this salon.

    thumb Nicole W.




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