•   This review is based on Noy's rudeness over the phone and not based on her hair service.

    Like other past reviews, the moment I mentioned that I bought a Groupon and wanted to make an appt, she was already standoffish. I already know I would pay extra for hair past the shoulder, which I'm fine about.

    She asked me how long my hair is, for which I said about 3 inches past the shoulder. I then asked her how long the process would take. She said it depends on whether my hair is thick. I told her my hair is thin. Then she asked me to take a picture of it, so I did and sent it to her.  Then she started insulting me by calling me a liar and said my hair is thick in the picture and asked me why I said it was
    2 inches past the shoulder. I told her I never said 2 inches, and that it was about 3 inches. I have never been rude to her and was shocked that she all of a sudden she accused me of lying. I told her that my hair looks thick in the picture because it's frizzy. All my other stylists have said I have thin hair. I wish I have thick hair, but I don't. I usually have to wrap a regular hair tie around my hair 3 times to get it up in a ponytail.  I told her she can judge my hair for herself in person regarding the thickness, but she insisted she can tell from the picture because she's been a stylist for years and continued to call me a liar.

    She wanted to charge me $360 total for the blowout and said she would subtract whatever I paid Groupon from the total price, which is not really how Groupon works. The Groupon deal was $93 for a Brazilian blowout that was listed as a $250 value, so 63% off.  Fine print says additional charge for extra length and thickness of hair. If the blowout cost $360, she should've charged me the difference between $360 and $250, not the difference between $360 and $93. What's the point of getting a deal from Groupon for 63% off if I'm going to end up paying the same price?

    But honestly, it's really not because of the cost of the service for this review, it's because of her rudeness and uncalled for attitude. I don't mind paying more for good service and I have in the past with other stores. They need to understand that most of their customers probably wouldn't mind paying extra too if they weren't so rude.

    I had seen other reviews complaining about their rudeness but decided to give this store the benefit of the doubt. I should've listened to the other reviews. I ended up calling my credit company to reverse the Groupon charges.

    thumb Gina N.
  •   I called for a hair cut and they said I can come right in. Noy was so nice and listened to exactly what I wanted. I have very thick hair and most hair stylist just do a quick dusting and never cut all my layers. But Noy literally did everything perfect and I love my cut 🙂 I will definitely be going to her again! Thank you

    thumb Vanessa D.




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